Chris Peariso

Chris Peariso is a well established technologist in the entertainment industry. Currently he serves as the Vice President of Production Technology Architecture at HBO & MAX. Here, he works to lead his team to develop state of the art systems that carry original programming from post vendors to the studio. Most recently, Chris and his team are helping lead WBD into the future, by optimizing and deploying cloud production and deliverable tool sets across HBO Productions.

Chris has been impacting the industry since 2009 when he played a fundamental part in co-founding Light Iron, a first of its kind award winning post house, where he then served as Chief Technology Officer. He was instrumental in establishing the Onset Dailies / Post market with the companies “Outpost Mobile” suite of tools and workflows. While at Light Iron he oversaw many firsts in the industry, including the first 6K DI, Gone Girl, the first studio feature to cut on on FCPX, Focus, and Amazon Studios first HDR series, Transparent.

When he’s not pushing the future of technology, Chris is restoring the past with his vintage Mini or his 1972 Scout II. He can often be found by the side of his clever and creative wife, Brodie, or with his adventurous children Hanley and Alexander.