Dominic Glynn

An Australian native, Dominic Glynn joined Pixar Animation Studios for the worldwide digital cinema release of “Cars” and has since delivered 21 of Pixar’s feature films to their big screen debut. Imaging and audio specialist – Glynn is forever challenging assumptions of fidelity within standards bodies and the industry at large. Dominic’s purview at Pixar includes binding yet-to-emerge technologies with the creative processes of storytelling. He has been at the forefront of groundbreaking technology launches in cinema and homes with Pixar’s first High Dynamic Range DolbyCinema release (Inside Out), the world’s first cinema release in Dolby ATMOS (Brave) and the worldwide premiere of the first DCI Next Generation cinema release (Lightyear) in 2022. Dominic is currently leading Pixar’s endeavors in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mastering and exhibition, closing out Pixar’s upcoming feature film; “Elemental,” releasing in Summer of 2023.