Guido Meardi

Co-founder and CEO of V-Nova, deep-tech company dedicated to improving video, imaging, and volumetric data (e.g., point-cloud) compression. V-Nova technologies have been granted international standard status by ISO MPEG and SMPTE. Guido contributed to the foundational development work for V-Nova’s core technology and is a joint inventor of several essential aspects of the technology as well as of several of its latest developments, with over 300 patents co-authored and filed.

Former senior Partner at McKinsey, where he was head of the Organization and Operations Practices of the Mediterranean Complex, Guido led transformational projects across the globe and was instrumental in setting up some of McKinsey’s own innovation-related business-building activities.

Guido holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he was a Siebel Scholar, and an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, where he was an Intel scholar, and the University of Texas at Austin.