Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

Nick has served as Chief Technology Officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios since 2016 where he is responsible for technology and innovation across the studio. His credits at the studio include “Moana”, “Frozen 2”, “Encanto”, and “Wish”.

Before Disney, Nick spent 13 years in visual effects leading technology for work on over 100 feature film productions from “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets” to “The Jungle Book”.

An active participant in the visual effects and animation community, Nick is an advocate for community-wide collaboration and innovation. As a member of the Visual Effects Society’s Technology Committee Nick was a founder, and still co-leads, the VFX Reference Platform initiative which drives software harmonization and interoperability across digital content creation software.

Nick started his career working across a variety of industries, helping organizations with digital transformation and integrating new technologies. These experiences sparked a passion for taking a people-first approach to leading technological change that he now combines with his interest in the intersection of art and technology.

Nick graduated from Royal Holloway, University Of London, where he studied Computer Science, and currently resides in Pasadena, California.